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About Us

RDA is a national association that benefits over 25,000 disabled children and adults, supported by over 18,000 volunteers and qualified coaches at nearly 500 RDA centres all over the UK. 

RDA was founded in 1969, when people began to notice the therapeutic benefits of horse riding, Crosby RDA was founded in 1974 and continues to provide horse riding therapy solely for those with disabilities. No matter what the disability is and no matter what their age, everyone is welcome to have the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve with us here at Crosby RDA.

Crosby RDA costs over £30,000 a year on running costs and is a self-funded charity run entirely on charitable donations, donations from our rides and the fundraising work done by our volunteers. 

We aim to ensure that our sessions not only provide therapy, but also provide a fun, social environment for riders and their families.

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